Body Image


Definition / Rashaun

-Body Image is how you see yourself and others in the mirror or a picture of what one's body should look like.
-Body image is an issue to discuss because of how society shows us the people of the world unrealistic body ideals and making us humans believe that we should look.

-Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a disorder that makes a person believe that they are not good looking.

-The media is making things like body image more complicated for people in the World who think they should look exactly like how the media displays the people on the tv.

-What causes BDD is unclear, professionals believe it is related with serotonin one of the brains chemical neurotransmitter.

-It is complicated to know how common this disorder is because some people don't like to talk about their concerns and very rarely ask for guidance from this disorder.

-BDD can be treated by an experienced mental health professional.

Some stereotypes associated with body in the media is the fact that women have large backsides and men have very toned body's. It is considered that large behinds are the best behinds, and being toned and muscular makes one acceptable. Also, another stereotype associated with body image is ones hair color. When people think of blonds, they assume they are unintelligent, and if one has little to no hair, then the person is athletic.

The main problem with how body image is portrayed in the media is it is setting bad examples as well as stereotypes. Rather than people being confident in themselves appearance wise, media influences men and women to look a specific way and act a specific way. Women should not have to have abnormally large behinds, and men should not have to be very muscular for them to be appreciated.


The message that is being portrayed in the media is that in order for people to look good and be famous they have to be either really skinny as a women or be strong as a man. The way the media portrays these false statements is effecting the way the normal person looks at themselves and making them think that in order for them to become really famous or popular they must do those things to accomplish that.


Appearance is a big deal to teens. The biggest reason why teenagers start to think about how their body looks is because their friends or peers start to talk negatively about the way they look. Girls are not the only one who care about their body image. Boys tend not to talk about their body image as girls but, they worry just as much. Some boys are afraid to take off their t-shirt in a locker room or at the beach because they don’t like the way their body looks. Also just like how girls care about how their hair looks every morning, guys care about how their facial hair looks and if it’s on point.

Statistics / sanchjeth
-Approximately 7 million girls and women struggle with eating disorder

-80% of women are dissatisfied with their appearance

-80% of teenagers are afraid of being fat

-85% of college-aged girls are afraid of being fat

-95% of those who have eating disorder are between the ages of 16 and 20.

-58% of college aged girls feel pressured to be in a certain weight class.

- Women who view more media than others are found to be more conscious about their appearance.

- Women who watch more reality television are more likely to find appearance important.

- 40% of girls between the age of 9 and 10 have already tried ways of losing weight.

- 37% of magazines are focused on the appearance of women, and 50% of that 37% are advertisements.

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