Is California Real Estate Worth It?

I will take my $50K Clevland Fixer Upper vs Your LA Mansion Anyday

Why I Will Take My $50K Cleveland Fixer Upper Vs Your L.A. Mansion: Is California Real Estate Worth the Investment?

Anyone who has read my blog knows that I am a big believer in cash flow and secure investments. I try not to chase returns, and I am a pretty diligent and disciplined about that. Whenever a certain area appears to be an obvious no brainer to others, I want to make sure that the data and facts support it. It is always hard to stay disciplined when others seem to be making money so easily. Remember, though, a rising tide raises all ships. You only know who had their pants down when the tide washes away. You have to make sure that the fundamentals of any investment are sound and accurate and ignore the excessive euphoria and excessive concerns of those around you. It’s MUCH easier said than done. Apple couldn’t miss less than a year ago and now is selling for 40% less than it’s high.  In 2006, real estate couldn’t miss around the country and for the first time in history, we saw real estate values, across the entire country, go down for the first time. Gold was surely going to hit $2500 just last year but it is now sitting in the $1200 range and now everyone speaks of how much lower it is going.  Don’t forget the excess euphoria of the past.

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