How does Organ Trafficking works ?

Major problem in India

In India, organ trafficking is a really bad issue for the majority of the population. The kidney traffic is the most common (75% of all illegal organ trafficking). 5-10 % of all kidney traffic worldwide are illegal. There is an estimated of 10 000 gangs working on this ‘’business’’ and most of them are in China, India and Pakistan. In these country, the trafficking is way easier than in developed countries because of the high demands of kidney, the fact a lot of doctors are corrupted and ready to work illegally, and there is no paper to falsified before trafficking.

Trafficking by Intimidation

Trafficking by intimidation is the most common way to do it in India. The kidney is taken away from harvest people who are so desperate they are ready to sell their own body. With the help of corrupted doctors, or in hidden labs, they operated the patient, which is a really big operation (1 month of inactivity, and permanent scars). It requires a lot of medical supports (not respected) and lead to a lot of medical problems, but the donors are rejected after the operation and they get no more help from the gang. The donor gets about 5000$ for a kidney and it can be sell for more then 150 000$. This high profit is the reason why it is so popular. In India, there are a lot of poor people who are ready to do it, without really knowing the consequence about it.,KKLUG.jpg

Organ Theft

It is less popular, but it is still present in India. Here is an example of a real story that happened in Delhi (India). Mohammad Salim Khan accepted a job in a house for 4$ a day. He was then held there with a gun pointed at him, and taken to a hidden operating room. He was then unconscious (by drugs), and he woke up with a terrify pain. When he made a medical examination later, it showed that is kidney had been removed.

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