Dangerous Tsunamis!

   By  Jozie

An earthquake causes a tsunami.

      Hi I am jozie. And you are going to learn about tsunamis. A tsunami is a humongous bundle of waves. A tsunami happens when something major happens under the ocean.Tsunamis are under the ocean. The three major things that cause a tsunami are underwater earthquakes, underwater volcanoes, and meteorites that fall into the ocean. These things make ripples that travel as fast as 600 miles per hour. That is as fast as a jet plane! When they get to shore, the bottom of the waves stop but the top keeps on going so that makes the wave humongous! It can be 100 feet tall and hit the land at about 80 miles per hour!

A tsunami can crash a lot of stuff.

Where Tsunamis are Located

Tsunamis happen in Japan, Russia, United States, Canada, Australia and South America. It can happen way out in the Pacific Ocean. They normally are in the ring of fire.

Tsunamis normally happen in the Ring of Fire.

What Kind of Damage Does a Tsunami  Cause?

Tsunamis can kill people. Tsunamis can also wreck buildings, houses and many other things. Tsunamis can carry stuff back with it when the water goes back to the Pacific Ocean. The tsunami is a very dangerous thing.

A tsunami crashing at a city.

The Tsunami and the Scientists

Today scientist still use tools called a tsunamameter. A tsunamameter is a warning system that measures a tsunami. Then scientist can warn people if a tsunami is coming. If they have enough time people can get out of there. Otherwise they might get killed or hurt. Rescuing people is hard because the tsunami can carry stuff back with it out to sea.

A Video of a Tsunami Crashing into Japan

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