The American Revolution

In 1775, a fight for land and power called the  revolutionary war was started. This was a war between the British who had power over America at the time and the Americans who wanted power over Britain. America was very unprepared for the war due to the lack of resources, funding, soldiers, and training for the soldiers. At the time, Great Britain was known for having the best fighting forces.

Even though the British were more prepared for the war than the Americans, they still had many set backs.  British uniforms were probably the most fashionable outfits for war, but the bright shade of red made them VERY visible the the (opposition) Americans. Another problem the British had was there fighting alignment. The British stood in a straight line when they fought, which not only made them more visible, but also a very easy target.

The Americans had an astounding number of set backs, but they had powerful advantages too. Having George Washington as the head of the Continental Army was a huge advantage because he already had war experience. If George Washington didn't switch from offensive to defensive fighting styles when he did, the Americans would probably run out of energy before getting the chance to win. There was another big advantage in their fighting style thanks to George W. Unlike the British, The Americans didn't have really bright noticeable uniforms and they also had the homeland advantage. The Americans made use of the homeland advantage by hiding behind things to be incognito when fighting. Another advantage the Americans had was will power. The war was though and they were sick and tired of the British rules which made them want freedom even more.

America used its disadvantages and advantages to win the war like many had hoped would happen. This allowed the Americans to elect their own representatives for their own democracy. All the British rules were lifted and George Washington became president. The surprising victory of the Americans also inspired other small countries to overthrow their governments for what they thought would be right. Examples of this include when France, Germany, and recently Ukraine decided that government needed change to become more successful.  The odds were against the continental army, but they pulled through, showing other countries that even if the odds were against them;  the possibilities were still limitless.

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