Psychological Analysis Visual Display

Given their backgrounds, how beliebvable are the character's behaviors?

Oedipus was raised as a prince of Corinth in luxury. Having wealth and power given to him without doing much caused him to become arrogant.

When Laius was a child, he grew up with a troubled past. He was abandoned by his biological dad and had to be raised elsewhere. His background makes his behavios corrupt as he rapes someone else and tries to murder his own son.

In "Scars" the son in the poem has a lot of issues dealing with his family. Going through those problems with his father makes him unstable and makes him always need to depend on someone.

The Grudge had a husband who cheated on her in the past and that lead to her death. When she comes back, she continued to live in the past and decides to take her past grudge by killing others.

Michael Oher had many struggles growing up and trying to fight to live for himself. His struggles in the past makes him protective of the people who are in his life currently so they don't experience what he did.

Eminem had abused his wife in the past so now, he tries to incorporate his experience through his music to show his past mistake.

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