GCSE Static and Circuits

This video link is a simple summary of the basic principles of Static Electrcitiy

This video adds more detail

Electric Fields make charges move - Quiz

In your answers to the questions below -
  • Aim to use accurate diagrams and vocabulary.
  • Make sure diagrams show total charge is CONSERVED before and after you rub an object.

Learn and use these circuit Symbols

Below is a simple summary which starts with static but also covers all the basics of current, voltage, power and resistance in circuits.
Watch this if you are unclear what any of these terms means.
It is essential you understand them all before you can make real progress understanding complex circuits.

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Try the quiz, which is a revision of basic circuit rules you learned in Year 9. Bring any questions you have to the next lesson.
(email me if you cannot access the quiz and I will reset it for you)