Use the following links to answer the questions on Brownian Motion and Kinetic Theory Question Race ...

Kinetic Theory, Gases and Heat Transfer

In the video below focus on the start section which shows Brownian Motion in gases and liquids.

Complete the Google form link on Classroom with your answers to the MCQ questions

The Gas Laws - Observable Behaviour of Gases

The Last Lap For Heat, Kinetic Theory and Gases

Use the following slides plus your textbook to make notes on:
- How to measure Gas Pressure, both in a container and in a room;
- To recap the difference between Evaporation and Boiling and how to speed up evaporation

Compile A Summary Which Covers All Points in The Heat, Kinetic Theory and Gases Checklists

Make sure the summary links images, equations, definitions, descriptions of experiments and explanations of WHY and HOW molecules and energy are linked to these phenomena.

Be sure you have noted the date of your Heat, Kinetic Theory and Gases TEST.

The answers to the practice Test will be posted next week