Mind Control of Totalitarian Governments

1984 Project, Vangorp, April 3, 2014

Ever thought about how the art of manipulation works? Let me show you. What are the delectable fruits that you see in the picture below? Those look like some great apples. Very good, nice, red, and shiny apples. I know what you're thinking. This guy is loopy. Who in there right mind would think those are apples? What if you were starved for a week, because you believed that these were not apples, but something else. Or having electricity pulse through your body at intense rates until you were forced to believe that these scrumptious fruits below, were indeed apples? This same tactic is true in totalitarianism. In a totalitarian government, the government in charge can tell you that the color to this background is green, and say its right. All opposing to thinking this color is not green will be punished. A government like this survives off propaganda and lies.

Do you believe both of these statements?

The photo above is another aspect of a totalitarian government. It is what George Orwell called "doublethink". It means "to believe two contradictory beliefs are correct." For example, you could be told "don't lie", but "don't say something that's rude." But doesn't the truth hurt sometimes? Think about it. This same thing applies to the "you must fit in/you must stand out" belief.

Nazi Germany used propaganda like this to blame the Jews for Germany's problems.

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