Marc Blazejowski – of Bristol Connecticut

Marc Blazejowski is a highly respected member of the Bristol Connecticut community. He served for many years in this town as a police officer and as an officer of the law, got to know the community like few others have the privilege of doing. Over the years he has participated in countless community events, youth sports and more.

The city has about 60,000 people living in it. It has a slightly higher cost of living than the rest of the country, but the quality of life is great. The economy has a good success rate of growth for some time now. It’s a great place for families and individuals. Some residents live there and make the trip to New York City for employment and a variety of other cities in the area. The streets are safe thanks to an excellent police department and the care and attention that residents put into their community. Young professionals and families enjoy all that Bristol has to offer, from the outdoors to their local attractions.

The people in the town are known to be quite friendly and the pace of life is somewhat slowed when compared to that of a big city. Not too far away there’s all kinds of activities amongst the outdoors, camping, fishing, bicycling, and of course the beaches of the Atlantic Coast. Bristol Connecticut is where Marc Blazejowski has set his roots and he calls it home for a number of reasons. He is currently studying at a university in the community driving towards a future career in his next career as a social worker.