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Christopher Columbus arrived to Bahams which he thought it was Asia

- He wanted to sail west from Europe and ended up landing in Bahamas and traded things that they didnt have with them

Amerigo Vespucci traveld around the coast of Brazil

- He also sailed west from Europe to find a New World and New World was called America in his honor

Franicso Pizarro enetered Incan Islands and captured their King and assasinated him

- He was looking for a New Land to find golds and silvers and landed to the Incan Island

Spain introduces horses to Americans

- They traded things that they had and did not have with the Americans

New netherland was established in modern day New York and New Jersey

- The Dutch had a large fleet of trading ships and were eager to join in World Trade.

King Philip II of Spain sent Spanish Armada to conquer England

- They didnt like that people in Holland wasnted independence and not believe in Catholic and also English people were helping the Dutch

The House of Burgesses was created to establish a representative government

- It was established because everyone wanted their own rights and freedoms

The House of Burgesses rewrote the laws for Jamestown

- The Virginia company allowed the colonists to create a new law

12 million enslaved  africans were transported

- Slaves traveled the middle passage to slave markets in the West Indies

French and Indian war began

- They were fighting over Ohio River Valley


Time Line

John Cabot landed in new landed in Newfoundland; basis for English claims for new world- 1497

Aztecs were conquered by Spanish- 1521

Jacques Cartier explored much of Quebec; sailed up the St Lawrence River- 1536

Henry Hudson explored the coastlines of New York and New Jersey- 1609

The Incas were conquered by the Spanish in- 1572

Christopher Columbus arrived to Bahamas which he thought it was Asia- 1492

Amerigo vespucci traveld around the coast of Brazil- 1502

Francisco entered Incan Islands and captured their king and assasinated them- 1532

King James revoked the Virginia's Company's charter and Jamestown became a royal colony- 1624

102 passengers boarded the Mayflower to head to Jamestown- 1620


Biography Summary

- Francisco Pizarro

Francisco Pizarro was born in 1471 or 1476 which has not been proved perfectly and died at a young age of 65-70 in June 26th 1541.  He was born in a place called Trujillo, whcih was one of the cities in Spain. He was a Spanish conquistador that conquered the Incan Empire. He Sailed around the World looking for a new world and then he founded Incan Island. When he arrived to Incan Island he assasinated their King and conquered their land. They were also looking for golds in Incan Island. He also landed in the coasts near Ecuador  in 1532, where it had golds and silvers. His death was most likely like the King of Incans. In June 26th 1541 a group of armed supporters of Diego Almagro II descended Pizarro's palace and they assasinated him

Newpaper Article

- French and Indian War

French and Indian was a war that has lasted for 7 years. It is also called as a Seven Year's War and French called it the Second Hundred Year's War. In the early 1750's Frances extension into the Ohio River Valley frequently brought it into arguements with British colonies, especially Virginia. The war was between 1754-1763. The place of the war that was fought is now the United States and Canada. The war was between Indian allies and French against British with British americans and Indian allies. The war is also called the Conquest War now in Ontario, Canada. French and Indians were fighting over the land, because it was good for fur trade and for possible future settlement.


- Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was born before October 31 in 1541. He did at a young age of  54 in May 20 in 1506. Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Republic of Genoa. He had 7 people in his family including him. His mom, dad, three brothers, and one sister. Domenico Colombo and Susanna Fontanarossa were his parents and Giovanni Pellegrino, Giacomo, and Bartholomew were his brothers and his sisters name was Blanchinetta Columbus. In 1479 he married Felipa Perestrello e Monis, the daughter of a wealthy Portuguese family. He was the first European to discover the Bahamas, Cuba, Hispaniola, Central America, and the northern coast of South America. Columbus also discovered a trade route across the Atlantic using winds that blow from east to west (These winds today are called trade winds).



- Pastel Azteca

* 8 fried corn tortillas ( they should be soft)
*corn grains (could be from can or from cooked cob)
*poblano chiles in slices (to clean them put them directly to the heat on stove and then inside a closed ziploc bag, then take their peel of)
*slices of onion
* cooked shreded chicken
*chopped tomatoes and zuchinnis
*cream (could be sour or a thick one)
*cheese (the kind that melts, like emmental, monterrey jack, gouda even mozzarela)

You'll cook with some oil the vegetables and the chicken adding salt and pepper.

On a large pan/ cake pan you lay 4 tortillas and then add a part of the cooked mixture then add a little bit of cream on and some cheese then you lay the other 4 tortillas and add everything again, on the top you must put cheese and then cover the pan and heat it till cheese melts, or bake it.


By the Numbers

1. Colonists had the right to choose representatives, First taste of democracy

2. In 1588, King Philip II of Spain sent the Spanish Armada to conquer England

3. The Royal Proclamation of 1763 issued by King George III forbade colonists from settling west of Appalachian mountains.

4. Four maior civilizations dominated the Americas prior to European arrival (Olmec, Maya,Aztec,and Inca)

1521. Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish in 1521

6. Regional native american tribes (North, West, Southeast, East Plains, and Southwest)

7. Christopher Columbus had 7 family members including him (Domenico Colombo,Susanna Fontanarossa,Bartolomeo, Giovanni Pellegrino and GiacomoBianchinetta)

20. 20% of Conquistadors were given grants  by Spanish government to explore and settle the new world

9. Incas had a population of 9 million

365. The Mayans developed a 365 day calender based on astronomy


- First taste of democracy

Jamestown began the tradition of American self-governance. In 1619, the house of Burgesses was created to establish a representative government. Colonists had the right to choose representatives to make laws on their behalf. It was created to help English craftsmen to settle in North America and to make conditions in the colony more agreeable for its current resident. They also wanted people to live in Virginia and they wanted them to settle.

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