Working at Liberty High School

A Message from the Boss

What makes a good employee?

There are a lot of different jobs at LHS including principals, teachers, secretaries, nurses, counselors, librarians, police officers, and more.  Here are some qualities that we look for in all employees no matter which job you have in our school.  Do you have these qualities?
  • Works hard
  • Asks good questions
  • Respectful of others
  • Positive attitude
  • Problem solver

April 24th Honorary Employee Agenda

Parent Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should my child wear?

We have a very active day planned, so please dress comfortably.  Throughout the day, we will be doing lots of walking and activities.  

2. Should I bring snacks?

Members of our planning committee have generously donated snacks for all the children.  If you would prefer to send your own snack for your child, that's great too.

3. What's for lunch?

We will be ordering pizza and we would love for parents to join us for lunch.  Please contribute $5/person that will be eating pizza.  Please give money to Sara Wickham before Thursday.  We will have pizza in LMC Lab 301 during both shifts of Liberty Hour. During Liberty Hour, kiddos can also go to the gym for games.  Big kids can play dodgeball, and smaller kiddos will have a variety of fun games to play.  Parents, please join us for the games if you can.

4. What if I have plan time during 5th hour?

Here are a few options:

Your child can shadow you at any point in the day that you would like and maybe join another child/parent team during 5th hour.

Your child can shadow you while you plan.

Perhaps your child can shadow another member of your department.

5. How else can I be part of the day?

Feel free to join the group for any activities throughout the day.  If you have any items in mind that you'd like to donate, let us know!

See you on April 24th!