Have you ever wondered about cat's their care,health and  how much types of cats their are.Well this is the right tackk for you...

Caring about cats is the easiest  thing is the world .Here are some facts about cats.They need love by petting them and  let  them sleep by your feet that's where they like to sleep...

Keep your cat healthy by feeding them every day,letting them go outside ,keep their litter box every day and also give them a lot of rest...

types of cats
The most cute cat is the siberian cat and munchkin cat  .There is about 50 to 100 types of cats.Well probably not 100 but something like that.I'll name 4 of them there is siamese cat,american shorthair,pereaun cat and a munchkin cat.You can search is if you want to learn more cats.

Fun facts
Cats have excellent  hearing and a great sence of smell.Also a girl cat can have up to 5 to 10 cats if more then that is called a litter.A litter is  a group of cats born by the same mom.

A lot of girl stray cats have litter's. That's where you can get a cat sometime's.munchkin cats are tiny but really long like a wiener dog.Most cats sleep about 2 hour's.They eat about 2 bowls of food every day if you have 3 cats.

Cats are very intelligent  if there was a silent car moving towards them they will hear it and run. If I were to stand by a cat wile a silent car was coming I wouldn't hear it.Cats have excellent eye sight and could see in the dark. If I were to go up to a cat in the dark it will see me and run and I wouldn't  even see it .

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