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Music was a huge part of the culture in the 1930's when the Big Band style was introduced. A Big Band is band with a rhythm, brass, and woodwind section with about 12-25 different musicians. A Big Band played a new kinda swing jazz that had a more full and sharp sound. Some popular Big Bands were Johnny Richards and Sun Ra.

Buddy Rich is said to be one of the most innovative drummers of all time. Buddy Rich changed the jazz scene for ever. Rich's technique was about speed, smooth execution, and precision. Rich's technique was most certainly imitated but absolutely never imitated. The way Rich flowed across the drums effortlessly really bugged drummers from all genres because of how easy he made it look.  Though Rich's known to have a short temper, he is also known to be an extraordinarily humble guy.

The girl image above as fallen victim to the great depression, not only is she physically crippled but her father just lost his job and they will now live on the streets. "I feel bad for the women barring children in this time because of how much our nation is hurting." Said a a man of important political power. The children had it the worst during the great depression because there was essentially nothing they could do about it.

The Great Depression lasted in most countries, from the early 1930's to the mid 1940's. In some countries the unemployment rate rose to as high as 33%. Prices plummeted as well as personal income. Men struggled to get food on the table and often times families only ate once every other day.

In Buffalo New York, July 7, 1902 Willis Carrier Submitted his patent for device we take for granite. The devise could control temperature, humidity, air circulation and ventilation, and cause clean air.on January 2, 1906, Carrier was granted U.S. patent number 808897 on his invention, which he called an " The Apparatus for Treating Air". Carrier's invention carried him and his three wives monetarily for the rest of his life, surprisingly he had no children to leave his fortune to so he donated it to charity.

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