Mount Greenwood, Chicago

Billy M, Connor H Period 9 1/16/14

Mount Greenwood is a safe catholic neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The population is about 20,000 people. Mount Greenwood has lots of attractions throughout the town including Mt. Greenwood Park which is a fun park in the middle of the town. Also, Mt. Greenwood has lots of cemeteries, and is know as one of the Seven Holy Tombs. It is also full of fun, and historical places such as Agricultural College, S and T pizza, and home of horse and dog racing tracks. Mt. Greenwood is a mostly Irish neighborhood with some Welsh, English, Poles, Lithuanians, Swedens, Norwegians, and Danes. It name is Mt. Greenwood because of its original dense forests growing off the glacial ridge. It is home to a lot of people that work in the city such as police, and firefighters.

Fun Fact: It is home to the only working farm in the city of Chicago.