Favorite Foods

My Favorite Food is Fried Chicken because its so delicious and tasty to my mouth.

Favorite Class

Math because I love working with numbers and equations!

Favorite Book or the last one I read

The DragonFly Pool, its a very good book about a boy who is very lonely and wants to be like other kids normal, have friends, and go places.


Playing Tennis, Marching Band,Playing Video Games, I like the following video games Left 4 Dead, Left 4 dead 2. I love marching band because it takes dedication and patience to complete a task that looks easy but is really hard.

Favorite Movie:

The Hunger Games (Series) Its a very good movie series about people fighting for their lives to survive the Hunger G

Favorite Band:

NNMK (Northern Nash Marching Knights)


I collect casual ties for church and also make bowties out of regular ties. I plan on playing baseball this Summer.

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