Giulia, kids and computing

Learning Diary for the EU Schoolnet MOOC

How to Teach Computing: An Introduction to Concepts, Tools and Resources for Primary Teachers

Day 0

I teach maths in a secondary school in Pisa (Italy), but I am recently working also as a teacher trainer and collaborate with primary teachers to develop a more deep STEM intuition in kids. I love algorithms and I hope to find new ways to stimulate kids to create, also with algorithms, not only with Lego bricks!

My teaching context

My school is a technical school, with applications to mechanics, computer science and biological science. Any way, my students are not fond of computing, even the computer science students have frequently no previous experience in algorithms. This is why I am trying to create a (or some) pathway for younger students to open their way to programming, compiling and debugging. I would like to understand how to teach computing to young people also to stimulate other colleagues to work with their classes of primary schools. As a mathematician, I think that problem solving strategies have to be learned and designed since we are kids. Computing techniques are one of the best ways to learn them. I know a little of Scratch, but I have never used it in classroom. I would like to share ideas and knowledge with colleagues that may also put in practice these suggestions...These are my expectations for the course, I am ready to work hard to improve my teaching!

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