Chandler, Arizona

City Web Map Project

By: Teyanna Sengthavisouk
Crossroads@Meade - Computer Science Class

Arizona Introduction

One of the most historical place to visit would be Chandler, Arizona. Make sure to see the Thomas Building, it has a lot of suites for people to stay in and the suites are up to 5100 square feet. Arizona is very hot and it is a good place for you and your family to go to the beach or go for a walk in a park. A historical place to visit would be The Chandler Center for the Arts, if you are interested in painting and sculptures and other artistic things, this place would be good for you! If you want to see the histories of Chandler, Arizona, then The Chandler Museum would be another great historical place for you to see, its great for a nice family get together. If you need a reason to come visit Chandler, Arizona, then you need to know that Chandler, Arizona has 20 festivals and events every year.

City Facts

Year Founded: 1892

Longitude: 33. 300 N

Latitude: 111.8333 W

Population ( 2012 ): 245, 648

Area: 58 Square Miles

Time Zone: UTC

Major: Jay Tibshraeny

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