By: Brendon Corbitt

When I get out of school I would like to be in the marines. I would be serving my country and helping to defend it. I would become a marine sniper.

Marines is the company/organization I would be working for.

When I go in to the marines I will need a high school diploma. If I want to become an officer I will need a college degree.

I have to have a battalion level rank to be a scout sniper. I would have to go to basic training then to Iraq to finish out my training. I would leave in July to go to the mountaineer challenge academy. I would be away for 22weeks and come back in December.

I think my hardest obstacles would be getting that fit to dash 8 miles non stop. I think it also my be a bit hard at first to get use to my new environment.

It wont be easy but if I set some goals I will be able to make it. I think if I work out and exercise now, it will prepare me for the marines.

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