Simple Machines

Mechanical advantage formulas: Inclined plane- length of incline decided by height of incline, wheel and axle- radius of input divided by radius of output, Lever- distance from input force to fulcrum divided by distance from output force from fulcrum.

Examples and definitions: Wheel and Axle- wheel attached to a shaft or axle ex. Car tire. Pulley- wheel with a grooved rim or rope or Cable that rides in a groove ex. Flag pole. Inclined plane- simple machine with a sloping surface ex. Ramp. Wedge- simple machine with a thick and thin end ex. Ramp. Screw- inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder ex. Drill. Lever- solid bar that rotates around a fixed point. First class- fulcrum in between effort and load ex. Seesaw. Second class-  fulcrum is on the same side as load ex. Wheelbarrow. Third class- effort and load are on the same side ex. Tweezers.  

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