Everything is a Remix

I've watched "Everything is a Remix", and it was a pretty good video about music, copying movies, if copying is the same as inspiration, and copying and society.

First off with the music and sampling. They were talking about how some artists took songs and put a kind of a switch. like Led Zeppelin's "Bring it on home". The beginning came from Willie Dixon who had the same intro and Led Zeppelin took it and they made it there own. Also they made "The Lemon Song". That is also a song that was changed by Led Zeppelin. it originally came from Howard Wolf's "Killing Floors". They also took other songs and made it there own.

In part 2 of the series they talked about movies that were being copied. Also movies that were actually were made into plays. One of the most famous movies into plays is "Hair Spray". The movie "Transformers" was originally from a T.V. show "Transformers".

In part 3 they talked about copying and inspiration. One is how one old stereo started to become into another stereo. They also talked about how Xerox first made the computer and then right after Apple took all their ideas and made it there own. but Apple said they were all original.

In part 4 it was all about copyrights and copying in society. They talked about how people steal ideas and then sell it as if they made it themselves. They showed if one man makes a product and sells it and then another man makes the same thing and sells it for the cheaper price the original creator goes right out of business.

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