República de El Salvador

By Karlee Kent

This is El Salvador's Flag.

Facts About El Salvador

  • Population: 6.2 million
  • National languages: Their native languages are Kekchi, Pipil, and Lenca and they speak spanish of course
  • Capital: San Salvador
  • Currency: the dollar
  • Three neighboring countries: Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicara  
  • It is located in Central America

Map of El Salvador

This shows El Salvador's capital, major cities, and two neighboring countries.

Famous Places

This is Lago Coatepeque, a beautiful volcanic lake located northwest from San Salvador. Many people visit it because it is one of the largest lakes in El Salvador and their is an island located there named Teopan which is a mayan site of some importance. There are also hot springs located around the edge of the lake.

This is Joya de Ceren Archaeological Site. It is ancient ruins of a Mayan farming village, that was buried under layers of volcanic ash. People love visiting here because it is a look into the history of El Salvador before the eruption of this volcano.

This is Museo Nacional de Antropologia. It is a museum full of art that shows the history and present day of San Salvador. It gives people a look at their culture through exhibitions, on- going research, and educational programs. It is also a show of pre-classical era and colonial era pieces.

Local Expressions

  • lana – money
  • estoy con rispa – I am in a hurry
  • cachete – a favor
  • no me cuentes carajadas – don’t tell me stories/lies
  • chaneque – neighbor/guide
  • para de cucar – stop bothering
  • cabal – exactly, true, certainly

Dishes and Drinks Served in El Salvador

Popular Drinks in El Salvador

  • Kolachampan- a sugar cane flavored soda
  • Ensalada- A mix of chopped tropical fruits you can drink

Popular Dishes in El Salvador

  • Pacalla- palm flowers breaded in cornmeal, fried and served with tomato
  • Sopa de Pata- a soup made with corn, plantains, cows stoma, and cows feet
  • Pupusas- thick corn tortillas stuffed with cheese, meat, squash, and other fillings
  • Platanos fritos- deep-fried plantains

Popular Desserts in El Salvador

  • Tres Leches Cake- A cake soaked in three kinds of milk, including evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and cream.
  • Pastelitos- turnovers stuffed with fillings like custard, jam, or fruit
  • Semita- coffee cake with guava or pineapple jam.

Climate and Geography

El Salvador has a tropical climate all year and it is on the Pacific ring of fire, so there are earthquakes and volcanic activity. This is a picture of a volcano called Izalco.

Cultural Festivals

One cultural festival they have in El salvador is the Balls of Fire Festival. On August 31, it is held in Nejapa—north of San Salvador. You can see fire-throwers with elaborately painted faces on the streets and residents gather to throw flaming rags. This is significant because it commemorates the eruption of a volcano in 1922 that forced all of the people in the town to flee. I think that despite the risks from throwing fire, this is a good way for residents to get together because very few serious injuries have resulted from this cultural festival. The festival is also significant to the church because it claims that the volcanic eruption was the embodiment of the local Christian saint, Saint Jeronimo, who was driving the devil from the town with fireballs.

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