Vibhor Mittal and Art and Science and Living

Vibhor Mittal is an engineer in the field of science. We all know science to be a journey of discovery of facts and relationships between facts and the world around us. Being based on facts, when you look at the world around you it can seem very logical and broken down into various chemical and physical properties. However this is not the way he sees the world. It is an interesting mix of science combined with art.

There is beauty in a snowflake that much is clear, but there is also beauty in a raindrop and a puddle because as he sees it, there are many forces that have come together to create these relationships that we see as everyday things. Science and art are not well known for mixing that well together, but he enjoys looking at the world this way.

Vibhor Mittal knows that his appreciation for both of these things make his life very interesting and one of the ways that he integrates art into his life is through his photography. He loves the capture the phenomenon of nature as well as that of man. He can be seen around the city and in the countryside photographing subjects from across the spectrum, from industrial areas, two bridges, to the port of Houston itself.

Finding the visual beauty of things that are bound by the laws of science is one of the things that he is always striving to do through his variety of photographs. He also applies scientific principles and understanding of light and perception to his photography by using advanced techniques including filters, lenses, different lighting, focus and other interesting elements.

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