Mayan Empire

"Love Ya Like A Sister" / "Cupcakes"

Political→ Architecture played a major role in the political realm. There were vast meeting houses and courtyards. The political system was organized into individual political states that were linked together through trade. Political alliances also played a role in the relationship between states.

Interaction with environment→ The Maya had a spiritual connection to their land. They respected the forces of nature and in some instances viewed them as Gods. The Mayan civilization practiced a nature-based religion.

Economical→ The Maya had short, medium, and long trade routes which allowed them to have access to a wide range of materials. They did not have a universal currency, and used natural resources as a bartering system. As far as their value, the further away the natural resources were from their source, the higher in value they were.

Militaristic→ The Maya, for the most part, were considered a very violent and war-engaged civilization from the interpretations of stone art. They did this for a variety of reasons such as defense, prestige, and the acquisition of new laborers.

Artistic→ Mayan art was often very cultural, and served one of two reasons. First, as an art form that worshipped the gods. God related forms of Mayan artwork had monetary value, and were often used in bartering. The second kind of art was a sort of record system. This was used to document important events and customs, and is the foundation for much of what is known about the Mayan civilization today.

Social→ There were four distinct classes in the Mayan civilization: nobles, commoners, serfs, and slaves. Being in the Noble class was hereditary, and served in roles such as government rulers and officials. Commoners were people such as farm workers and laborers. Serfs were farmers who worked on government owned land, and slaves are pretty self explanatory.

Technology→ The Maya had many technological achievements. They especially excelled in astronomy, agriculture and engineering. In addition, if you would consider this technology, they developed many long distance trade routes.

Education→ The Mayans had education at all levels, focusing in mathematics, medicine, and astronomy. The Mayans also spoke multiple languages. Mayan education also focused on life lessons, such as a strong work ethic.

Religion→ Nature based religion, variant of previous Mesoamerican religions.

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