Steve Yzerman

   Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by Erin V.

Steve Yzerman Stanley Cup Champion

Significant Events in History that affected Steve's life

    Played for the Detroit Red Wings

    Won 3 Stanley Cups

    Stopped playing for the NHL

    Became the Vice President for the Detroit Red Wings

Steve Yzerman was born on May 9,1965 in Cranbrook,Canada to present

Steve's Childhood

As a young boy, Steve was very active.He would always go play outside with his friends.Steve and his family lived in Canada,so he grew up with hockey but he started to play it around the age of 7.

Steve Yzerman as a young man

People who influenced Steve's life

  • Ron Yzerman (Steve's Dad)-Was a very supportive father and and helped Steve through out his career with hockey.Ron taught Steve how to skate and play hockey.
  • Most of his teammates from the Detroit Red Wings helped him through his career too.
  • Isabelle Yzerman (Steve's oldest daughter) -would go to the games and cheer him on to be the best that he could be.
Steve Yzerman with his daughter Isabelle

Unique facts...

1.Was the youngest captain in history for the NHl

2.In one year he scored 62 goals and 65 assists.He was one of the few that went over 60 goals in one season.


1.Won 3 Stanley Cups

2.Became Vice President for Detroit Red Wings

3.Won an Olympic Gold Medal  

Steve is on the far left

Words of advice form Steve and what he taught me

"I don't use significance"-Steve Yzerman

"I chased my dreams,its about time for you to chase your"-Steve Yzerman

Reading this biography helped me realize that you don't just get what you want you have to earn it.Steve never gave up but he did have second thoughts about if he really wanted to be in the NHL.Having second thoughts is okay but giving up is a different story so don't give your dreams.Be the bright big shining star that you wanted to  be.....Be the best you can be.

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