App Review: Star Walk 2

Developer: Vito Technology Inc.

Price: $2.99

Version: 1.0.0

Category: Education

Released: 21st August 2014

"Star Walk 2- A guide to Sky Day and Night” which has been introduced by Vito Technology Inc. has been a sequel to original Star Walk which was known to be the best apps for stargazing. It is surely a must have app for the one who loves to explore more on stars and planets.

Star Walk 2 is an app with quite simple and user friendly interface which attracts audience at its first look. The original app for Star Walk 2 is quite colorful and bright with smoother movements and also having great atmospheric experience. Its having full 3D models for showing the celestial bodies of the sky.

The artwork of this application has been handcrafted and is quite delightful to look at. Along with that, app features a great buttery smooth features and the transitions as the user points the device in sky. To make the stargazing experience more fruitful there is soft soundtrack that plays from background and it can even be turned off as needed.

If you ever had Star Walk before, then definitely you will enjoy this star gazing experience. The app features a full tutorial on its first launch and later you can access the menu. User will be prompted to get the location and also the access and the push notifications if required.

The main home screen of Star Walk 2 is sky off course. Users can easily tap on screen in the corner to have app to follow the movements and can also easily explore the sky. Tapping on camera button will bring the augmented reality view of sky with your camera and it will bring the augmented reality view of sky with camera serving the backdrop for viewing any constellations, planets and stars to fall. Users can easily use the fingers to move the sky around this application although it works on portrait mode.

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