All about Glasses - C12

WIK/What I Know

  • Nikki is on her barefeet
  • Tom's sailboat is heavy
  • Tom and Nikki are on a snake invested island

SOE/Sequence Of Events

  • Tom floated on a dingy to see Nikki
  • Nikki is putting on her glasses
  • Tom wants to bring his dad's sailboat with him
  • Tom told Nikki about Larry
  • Tom complimented Nikki, saying that she looked pretty with glasses
  • Tom kissed Nikki, while having her glasses on her face


Nikki Barton :

In my opinion, Nikki looks like she is not a risk taker, she only cares about her appearance, she doesn't know that if she wears glasses, it will help her see better than usual.

Tom Harris :

Tom seems like a person, who never tries to hurt people's feeling. He tries to console them and show them the positive side. For example, when he made Nikki feel better about having glasses on.

My Snapshot

The reason, I showed this picture as my "Snapshot" is because, both Tom and Nikki were on a Snake invested island.