Lainey Roberts, 1st Hour, Ms Fulk

Machines played a really big part in the Industrial Revolution. One machine that played a really big part in the industrial Revolution was the loom, especially the ones used in factories. These looms helped produce cheaper cloth faster. Another good Machine used during the was the Phonograph. Thomas Edison invented it. the first phonograph was the tin foil phonograph. you would shout into a piece on one part of a cylinder wrapped in tin-foil and turn the handle. the needle inside of the cylinder would vibrate and scratch the tinfoil. A needle on the other side would pick it up and play it back to you. these were used in lots of homes. See these are only two examples there were a lot more machines. But it shows right there that machines were invented and used for big things, like work in a factory, or small things, like for fun at home.

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