Top15-Old Spice

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could
Smell Like

Why the campaign was launched:

The campaign was launched because the agencies planner and account team had discovered that women, specifically wives and girlfriends, were making the majority of body wash purchases for their male spouses.


The companies objectives were apart of a last-ditch effort for Old Spice to clear out inventory. They had to speak to women without alienating men, something Old Spice has never done before.

Response Campaign:

W+K decided to spend the first few hours of the shoot responding to influencers such as Ellen DeGeneres and Perez Hilton, who had larger social followings, to accelerate spreading the word online, encouraging others to comment. Twitter and Facebook were also leveraged to maintain the momentum, letting fans follow a linear timeline as the campaign unfolded, as well as providing another channel for them to make comments or ask questions on.

Over two and a half days, W+K filmed 186 video responses to questions from fans and celebrities, then posted them on YouTube. These included lady-wooing tips for President Obama and flirting with actress Alyssa Milano.

Throughout the production, the pitch and tone of the character was key to the success of the response videos and something the Old Spice Guy—a man who is witty and charismatic, manly and athletic, but doesn’t take himself too seriously—had already established and made popular with fans.

Taking The Lead:

Sales were already on the rise following the launch of the first “Smell Like a Man, Man” ad. But the Response Campaign grew the brand further, and by the end of July 2010 sales were up 125 percent year on year. By the end of 2010, Old Spice had become the number one selling brand of body wash for men in the United States.

Connecting With The People:

What made the Response Campaign a success was the fact that it felt like a campaign for everyone. It wasn’t an exclusive idea but a wholly inclusive one. It was about moving from mass media TV, print and digital to engagement—still targeting the same audience, but deepening the communication and similarly the relationship.

The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Campaign was on of the best of the 21st century because Old Spice raised the creative bar and went above and beyond with simple campaign ideas and innovative ways to better involve consumers.

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