The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

by: Kate DiCamillo

Jessica Lewis

Edward Tulane

Edward Tulane

I chose Edward because he is the first object to be a main character in any book I've ever read .Edward learned to love, and be loved by every owner he had. With each of his  owners, he sees life in all different ways. He goes through many ups and downs throughout the book.

Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch

I chose this object because  it shows how much the rabbit ( Edward ) and Abilene can't wait to see each other every day after school. The pocket watch gives Edward a sense of time throughout the book. The pocket watch is lost during the book but reappears at the end when Edward is reunited with Abilene.



I chose  this object because Edward went through a lot of emotions while listening to Bryce play the harmonica.Bryce also used the harmonica to put his ill little sister, Sarah Ruth to sleep.At the end of Edward's relationship with Bryce, the harmonica was used to make money by performing in the streets of Memphis.

Button Box

button box

I chose this object because Sarah Ruth loved to decorate Edward in clothes and buttons every night before she went to sleep. After Sarah Ruth passed away from her illness, Bryce and Edward used the button box to collect money while performing. The button box always reminded Edward of how much he loved Sarah Ruth.

Cracked Doll

I chose this object because the doll taught Edward that he will be loved again one day. Edward wanted to surrender his feelings about love after losing everyone he cared about. This doll was over a hundred years old and she wanted to be loved again too. The doll was inspirational to Edward and reminded him how important love is.

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3 years ago

Edward is cute and I love the cracked doll-LEAH THE FERRET