Christmas gift voucher

Hot stones now available

Spoil your loved ones this Christmas

It's that time of year again! Christmas is here and it's a time for loving, giving and sharing with loved ones... Christmas is meant to be joyous but as you know its not all its wrapped up to be.

As we are well aware Christmas is a time of stress, tiredness and tension so this Christmas make sure you and your loved ones have the gift that will rejuvenate, refresh and relax your mind and body with a massage package.


Standard voucher only 60 dollars includes

Full body relaxation/Swedish massage plus a tension releasing scalp massage.

Premium voucher only 80 dollars includes

Full body relaxation/Swedish including a hot stone back massage plus tiger balm foot wrap

Deluxe voucher only 100 dollars includes

Full body hot stone massage plus warm tiger balm foot wrap and a neck, face and scalp massage.

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