Yamato and Heian

Yamato dynasty

They had a sun goddess named Amaterasu. There is a Japanese legend that Japan's first emperor belonged to the powerful Yamato clan. They had very rich farming and it was on the island of Honshu. Japan's emperor still claims to be descended from the Yamato clan, just like in this time period. Most of the time the emperor didn't even do much authority work, he was more just serving as a figurehead.

Heian Dynasty

The Heian dynasty had developed a very elegant and stylish court society.n The nobles lived in beautiful palaces and the women often wore fancy silk gowns with at least 12 color layers on it. The nobles were expected to be able to speak and write properly and the noblewomen were discouraged to learn Chinese, so many of them wrote and read in Japanese. The greatest writer was Lady Murasaki Shikibu who was the first person to write a full-length novel.

Above is a video of the clothes people would have worn in the Heian dynasty