Youth Volleyball

By: Jacey B.


         Volleyball is a great and enjoyable sport that some people enjoy. Also some people including me wish that more and more people join volleyball each year.

  You would usually start in 4th grade and work your way up. Some people hope to play as long as possible. But if some people don’t enjoy it or don’t like it then the probably will quit the next year or even the year they started. But my opinion is that they shouldn’t. If you ever play then never quit.


The rules for 4th and 5th grade volleyball are simple. To score all you need to do is make the ball land on the opposite side of the net. For example, they start by serving someone on our team gets the ball over the net and they miss it so it hits the ground. Another example is if the other team gets the ball out then you get a point.

  There is only so much room ball. We usually play on a basketball court. If it is a high school or a middle school then we usually split the gym in half. There will be 2 teams playing at a time. They put up the net which splits the gym in half again.

  One half is your half to play on and the other team gets the other half. You switch sides every round, besides the last round the captain chooses the last round.

  To get an out (the other team gets a point) you have to make the ball go out of bounds on the other team’s side. And you don’t want that.


Bumping is simple. It is really simple if you are just learning. If you are then you might think that bumping is just hitting the ball with your arms but it’s not. The first thing you’re supposed to do is keep your hands together so you don’t hit the ball unevenly.

  And make sure you don’t swing, because if you swing then the ball won’t go the way you expect it go. But if you squat then push up then the ball will go straight or the way you want it to go. Yes it will hurt when you first start but it won’t hurt once you start to get used to it.


         Spiking the ball sometimes scares the other team so they don’t hit it. First thing you should know about spiking is the approach. If you are right handed then you would start with your left foot. First you step with your left foot then right and left again. Then you jump while spiking the ball. Volleyball is a great sport to play and you should play too!


Score: The # of points made in a contest.                                                                                     Net: A fabric or thread woven or knotted together with spaces between.                                      Teams: A group of people working together.                                                                            Captain: A leader of a group or activity.                                                                                      Point: A unit                                                                                                                      Bumping: To hit something with a jolt.                                                                                         Setting: To hit the ball with your fingertips.                                                                                   Spike: To hit the ball with a great force.                                                                                 Approach: To jump before spiking.