How can one person change the
world forever

Jackie Robinson

Have you ever thought about a certain person that could change the world and the future? Jackie Robinson had leadership. Jackie was courageous in 1919-72. He was also thoughtful. He is the best person, in some peoples opinions.

The first reason Jackie Robinson is the best because he had leadership. In 1919-72 he showed the screaming fans that even though he was black he was gonna stay on that baseball team and live his dream. In the 1900s Jackie Robinson said he didn't care what color he was he was going to play ball. Jackie said " a life isn't important except in the impact it has on other lives." That is the first reason Jackie Robinson is the best.

The second reason he's the best is because he is courageous. In the early 1900s Jackie Robinson was courageous because he put up with pitcher trying to throw all the baseballs at his head. He was also courageous because he put with the mean screaming fans. He also kept moving forward when times got tough. He was silent at times from shouting hateful things back to the fans because it would scare the fans. That is the second reason Jackie is the best.

The third reason Jackie is the best is because he was thoughtful. All though he received death threats from white fans he cared about them. He just let his actions do the talking. He also cared about all his fans. That is the third reason Jackie Robinson is the best.

In matter of opinion Jackie Robinson changed the world forever. He used leadership. He had courage. He was most of all thoughtful. That's why Jackie Robinson is the best.

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