Assessment Focus 6  
Overall Purpose and Effect of Texts

What makes a good guide?


I can say what the writing is for

I can say what I like and dislike about the text


I can explain the purpose (PIE) and give a quotation to support this

I can make a simple comment on the overall effect on the reader


I can explain the purpose of the text (persuade, inform, entertain)

I can make personal comment in response to whole text, with reasons based on the text

Read the leaflets and try to answer the questions below.

Which leaflets did you choose to read? What made you choose those?

Can you describe what a leaflet is?

What is the purpose of a leaflet, (PIE)? Can it have more than one purpose?

Which tense(s), and which person(s) is a leaflet written in?

How is it different from an information text?

How will you make your leaflet interesting, informative, impressive?