Hi my Name is Tre I am going to create a book about how to cup stack.First you have to count how many cups that you have?Second If you have 10 cups you have to put 4 on the bottom.Third you have to put three cups in the spaces in between the cups,then you do the same to the three cups that's on top of the four.Third you have to take down the cups by sliding the top cup to the bottom then keep doing that.Last you have to keep practicing to do it faster.The Inventer of Cup stacking is Wayne Godient.Here are some record of 3 people:EventTimeStacker(s)3-3-31.418William Orrell3-6-31.861William OrrellCycle5.000William OrrellDoubles6.209Son Nguyen, Nicolas Werner3-6-3 Relay12.558Fantastic Four: Zhewei Wu, William Polly, Chandler Miller, William Orrell.That is how you become an expert and some records.

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