Amber McLaren

March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

In this story, Tyler had a small memory about his life before he started working on the roof for cleaning the tar off the roof. He got more muscles and he got more popular and he explained how back in his memories how he wasn't like that. Tyler also started talking about what his father had done, which is a little of a flashback, and he explained how he got into this situation in having to clean the tar off the roof. I think this is real cool from how he wrote this in the book. The author was very thoughtful in this part of the book. Tyler was almost arrested and had to work on the roof during the summer and until the school year came back. He also mentioned his mother a little bit. But, I think the most important part was when he mentioned how he was in school before he got all buff.

March 25, 2015
Again and Again

"Nerd Boy"

March 26, 2015
Contrasts and Contradictions

In Twisted, there is repetition of Bethany's name, or in other words, Milbury. Since it does this, I think she is an important person that will impact Tyler's life at some point in the book. She already has an impact from what I see, but I think it will be a bigger impact than he may think. I like how the author added her in at first, she didn't know him. But, now they are really close and he is being all friendly with her. My prediction is that they'll end up dating. I also think that maybe it's not Bethany that they are referring to, but maybe her dad. Or even Chip! Chip had a big impact on Tyler's life in the past couple chapters. I mean, he is the one that caused the accident with Bethany. And with Mr. Milbury, he could impact on Tyler's life because Tyler's mom was talking about how his dad might get fired from work. If he does, it would have to be Mr. Milbury, right? He's Mr. Miller's boss isn't he?

Mr. Milbury and Mr. Miller

I think this fits because at the beginning of the book, Tyler was kind of a jerk and he didn't really care about others. He also fantasized about being with Bethany. The reason he was so careless was because he was almost arrested before and when that happened, most of the people avoided him in school and didn't want to talk to him because they thought he was a bad guy just because he almost went to jail. Tyler has also never really listened to what his dad said, but when he was arm wrestling Chip, he listened to his father and let Chip win. Tyler's father is very mean and should make Tyler a lot meaner than he is now. He is really kind to his parents and Bethany, but not Chip. Tyler only occasionally yells at his sister, like when she is exposing too much skin at school, or if she is trying to get guys to date her by flirting with them, but other than that he's not really being 'mean' but instead he is really just protecting her.

Tyler and Hannah

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