CACT complete the Bulgaria 4D theater successfully

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In November 20, 2013, the 4D project successfully completed in Bulgaria , this is the biggest 4D theater

in Bulgaria by far.The 4D cinema investment Vratsa City Hall for completed 4D cinema of the visit and

inspection, said the 4D cinema standard completely. Subsequently, Vratsa mayor and many members visited

the 4D theater experience, have been attracted 4D moviecontent and perfect action effect, have praised the thumb.

The 4D cinema will use my company's P32 effects seats, this effect seat 4D theater in Hangzhou

Liangzhu, Russia Tyumen 4D theater and other projects have been successfully applied, won

investors and viewers favorite, this effects the overall seat fiberglass production, printing out a

black Audi car paint, the surface smooth and delicate, shiny; seat cushion is used leather material,

soft and comfortable to sit on, and has water, jet, leg sweep, seat seat vibration and other effects

capabilities; seats with a lot of userfriendly design, the seat fitted with safety rails on both sides

for the audience in the case of use of physical discomfort, and equipped with seat belts to ensure

the safety of spectators. It can be said P32-1 appearance, comfort and ergonomic design all strive

to be perfect.

The 32 seats 4D cinema project use the global tender.There are 32 manufactures from

16 countries ,like the Italy, Britain, South Korea, the United States, China and other

countries, finally CACT won the tender from so many competitors and become the winner.

We are surprised at the and finally bidding result .Because the competitors are

very strong and experienced and I have also asked about the matter over the head of the tender

side of Bulgaria Mr. Alexander, why choose us as 4D cinema supplier. His explanation is given,

I have dealt with many Chinese companies, many Chinese manufacturers have reached or even

surpassed the United States and other developed countries in product quality, has been fully able

to meet the needs of their projects, but also has a huge price advantage , our price is only about

a third of the price in developed countries and even fifth, and taking into account the shorter

duration of the project, the United States, Italy and other countries, manufacturers have indicated

that no longer such a short time to complete the project, and Chinese people are known for their

industrious and efficient known, but your company also said that in such a short period of time

to complete the project without any problems, while at the 4D theater building also has a wealth

of experience and many successful cases, so we chose your company.

The cinema will be the largest 4D cinema in Bulgaria when it is finished. Bulgarian investors also

looking forward to the cooperation and said the partnership is a good start, but also the future more

and greater investment in Bulgaria 4D theater.

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