CNC Manufacturing

Session 1

We looked over the z mill in session 1 and leaned how to use it manual. We looked at the buttons on it we looked  at the yaxis+ and the yaxis- and the same for the x axis. qnd we looked at how to move it up and down on the platform.

Session 2

in this session we looked at all the safty gear we were going to need to do this job we needed glasses and a plastic cover ing that way it did not get on us. we drew a squar and cut it out to. with the zmill.

Session 3

we drew a circle on the milling marital and we cut it out. and we did the same thing but not a circle but a strait line.

Session 4

we looked at the Cartesian concordances together then we rlayted it to th movment of the z mill. then we larned the soft ware that controls the zmill on the comuter.

Session 5

we started to ues the z mill in this session to put our names a the milling matiral. we use that computer to do it. it was straitr and faster that we did it.

Session 6

In this session we got to pick picture that we could put on the milling marital. the binder had all that pics in it i picked the jet.

Session 7

in tis session we fineshed the one we did befor we fieshed my frinds one and that we were done with it.


this is just one of the meany this that this job does. it help people with things that they need cared in to things and it has been around along time

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