Forensic Science

What is it?

    Forensic science provide scientific information in courts to support the criminal investigation. This includes examining and finding trace marks in situations, even though the information is written the forensic scientist may have to show up n court to provide the information in person.

Educational requirements

     A minimum of a bachelors degree on natural science or forensic science is required for working in this field. Some might require masters degree for higher positions such as lab technician leader or supervisor.


     The average salary for forensic science is about 53,000$ annually, but can go up to 93,000$ or more for higher positions the field.

Future outlook

     The chances of being in this career are okay, a four year bachelors degree is needed to get into the basic lab or field work. Your position will determine on your degree. I think this job has a long future because the world will always naturally have crime.

Forensic science technicians can derive deep personal satisfaction from knowing that their work is crucial to solving crimes and achieving justice. They receive respect from the public for their expert knowledge, for example when testifying in court. Every specialty of forensics is intellectually challenging and offers opportunities for personal development and advancement, according to the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Why this career

I would pick this career because it has many benefits and you can make a useful living. You can do this job until you retire. I like a challenge and it would seem like a fun job to have .


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