Hmong New Year 2014

         Disappointed to go πŸ˜” It was also a waste of money ! It cost $15 to park & then $8 to get in ! Isn't that ridiculous πŸ˜“πŸ‘Œ & when you finally get passed that , you become hungry or thirsty. A bottle of water is like $4.50 and a bacon sandwich cost $8.75 ! Maybe it's just me aha because I only went there with about $15 dollars 😰 everything was so very expensive. But at least I got to meet some very cute people there ! But , I really wish that I had some more money. 😫 (Zonglu,Kurt,Meng,Issac,Sylvia,Pacheng & Many more ☺️😘🐼❀️)

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