Tools Of The Trade

Kilian Gonzalez


A. helps connect all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential.

B. You can use Edmodo to talk with teachers. You can take tests and get assignments.

C. The benefit of this tool is to use it to talk to teachers, get reminders of late assignments


A. Remind is a website that helps teachers remind students about upcoming events

B. Can get text messages or emails to remind you of upcoming events

C. It reminds you of due dates and other assignments

A. You can create info-graphics with

B. Gives already made templates

C. Create info-graphics for free


A. You can create blogs, info pages, and much more with tackk.

B. Ability to use pictures.

C. Palettes, backgrounds and various fonts.

Design Cycle

A. Helps solve problems using technology.

B. Design cycle consistent method/ standard to solve problems

C. Quicker to solve

Inquiring and analyzing= 1. explain, justify the need for a solution to a problem for a specified client/target audience       2. identify, prioritize the primary, secondary research needed to develop a solution to the problem      3. analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution to the problem         4. develop a detailed design brief which summarizes the analysis of relevant research

Developing Ideas= 1. develop a design specification which clearly states the success criteria for the design of a solution      2. develop a range of feasible design ideas  which can be correctly interpreted by others        3. present the final chosen design and justify its selection        4. develop accurate and detailed planning drawings/diagrams and outline the requirements for the creation of the chosen solution

Creating the solution= 1. construct a logical plan, which describes the efficient use of time and resources sufficient for peers to be able to follow to create the solution     2. demonstrate excellent technical skills when making the solution      3. follow the plan to create the solution, which functions as intended     4. fully justify changes made to the chosen design and plan when making the solution      5. present the solution whole,either: a. in electronic form, or b. through photographs of the solution from different angles,showing detail

Evaluate= 1. design detailed and relevant testing methods, which generate data, to measure the success of the solution       2. critically evaluate the success of the solution against the design specification    3. explain how the solution could be improved    4. explain the impact of the solution on the client/target audience

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