Police Officer

By:Bryce Huitt

Who is a boss for a Police Officer?

The boss for a police officer is the head chief.The chief controls the police department.

Why do we need Police Officers

Police help us with all crimes around the world and keep control of our country and keep our country safe.  


They protect people and property,Patrol areas they are assigned.Also testify in court  cases.

Qualifications for police officers

What you need to be a police officer is first a high school diploma.2nd Complete Undergraduate Education, 3rd Attend a Police academy, And then Pass applicable examinations.   

Technology skills

They  photograph a crime scenes and documents where the evidence was found,Some type of Audio and video recording capabilities. etc.

Skills and Abilities

Skills and abilities you need to be a police officer is: To multi task,Work with others, Strong communication and leadership


a police officer needs to be respectful and take control and trustworthiness for others.Also a police officer needs dedication to your work and be physically fit and healthy.  

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