February Conference

By Taylor  Mallett


For the SRI test my score is 904. I needed to get to 600. My score is proficient.On my vocabulary review I got a score of 12/12. On my Let it snow I got a score of 10/11.  On Mrtn. Luther King Jr. test leader I got 9/10. On the Dust of Snow I got 9/1o . I need to work on writing complete sentences with SME words.  I am way past the goal for  SRI.


On my  CO. persuasive essay I got 22/24=4. on Settlers and indians I got a 4. On on my News ELA I got a 3. A 4 is advanced and a 3 is proficient. I did good on my Co. persuasive essay. I could work on my News ELA.


    I have done 6 math quizzes. On my Long Division quiz I got 10/10.  on multiplying  and dividing with  time  I got 5/5. For unknown numbers I got 5/5.   On  fractions greater, less, and equal  to 1/2 I got 4/4. For my 5th quiz I got 5/5. For my last quiz I got 9/10 .And on my x test I am on my mixed 2s.On my multie-digit division I got 25/28. I cold work on my test a little. I am  really  good  at my x test because I am on my mixed 2s.


Social Studies

          I got on my social studies test  for  Colorado gold rush I got 16/18. Then for economics test  I got 30/30. I got a really good score on my economics test. and I had to work on my  compairing questions. I got all of my questions right in economics


         I have good behavior. I have not  gotten in trouble . But maybe not talking as much.

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