Johannes Gutenberg


-Johannes Gutenberg was born in 1395, in Mainz, Germany

-There is little record of Gutenberg's early life but local records show he apprenticed as a goldsmith in Mainz

-In the year of 1428, the noble class revolted in Mainz and Gutenberg and his family were exiled and then they settled in Strasburg

-This is where Gutenberg started experimenting with making printers, which was his big contribution during the Renaissance

Financial Struggle:

-In 1448, Gutenberg moved back to the city of Mainz and two years later he was running a print shop there

-He borrowed 800 guilders (unit of money) from a local financier Johan Fust to buy equipment needed for his shop.

-In the year of 1452 Gutenberg was heavily in debt to Fust and unable to pay him back, in turn they worked out an agreement and the two became partners


-The Movable Type Printing Press-1439

-Printed the 42 Line Bible known as the Gutenberg Bible (about 180 copies were printed)

-Printed the Catholicon Dictionary

-Printed Ars Minor a schoolbook of the time

Effects that Gutenberg Had on Europe:

-With the creation of Gutenberg's Printing Press he forever changed the lives of people in Europe and eventually the whole world

-Before the Printing Press all documents had to be recorded by hand.  With the Printing Press documents were created faster and cheaper.

-This led to a greater demand for books during the Renaissance

Later Life:

-In the year of 1462, the city of Mainz was taken over by Archbishop Adolph II

-Many people of Mainz then fled, Gutenberg however stayed but he once again fell into poverty

-The Archbishop announced Gutenberg the "gentleman of the court" which came along with a salary and privileges for services rendered

-Gutenberg continued his printing activities but there is little record of documents published during this time because Gutenberg didn't put his name on anything

-Gutenberg died in the year of 1468 and he was buried in the Church of the Franciscan Convent


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