The Emperor Qin

The Qin Dynasty

                                                              The Ruler of Zheng

Zheng was born in 259 B.C.E. and ruled from 221 B.C.E. to 210 B.C.E. In 221 B.C.E, The Qin rulers took over the state of Zhouin.  His new title was Qin Shihuangdi. The Emperor of Qin was greatly influenced by legalism and adopted these ideas: strict laws, harsh punishments, and a strong central authority. Thy used harsh punishments because they wanted to maintain power. One key step was to create a uniform of laws. A number of the emperor's laws were aimed at government officials. The emperor’s laws were based on legalist beliefs. The laws were detailed and they wrote out exact punishments for people who broke them. The emperor standardized money, weights, and measures. Qin forced workers to build a long wall acrossed china. The wall took ten years to build and 300,000 workers. They worked under difficult conditions like mountains and deserts. The wall was extremely effective at preventing invasions. Li Siu told the emperor that the scholars were causing trouble and the government should censor the scholars. The emperor agreed to order the book burning of the confucian writings. Some scholars chose to die rather than give up their books.

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