Ed Bradley

Ed Bradley was Born in June 22, 1941 in Philadelphia, PA. He had died November 9, 2006 in New York City, NY. His death was at Mount Sinai Hospital of leukemia.

Ed Bradley's Biography

Ed Bradley's parents names were Edward Bradley he was a businessman, and Gladys Bradley was his mother. His parents divorced when he was 2, after which he was raised by his mother, Gladys, who worked two jobs to make ends meet. Bradley, who was referred to with the childhood name of “Butch Bradley,” was able to see his father, who was in the vending machine business and owned a restaurant in Detroit, in the summertime. When he was 9, his mother enrolled him in the Holy Providence School, an all-black Catholic boarding school run by the Sister of the Blessed Sacrament at Cornwells Heights, Pennsylvania. He attended Mount Saint Charles Academy in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. He graduated in 1959 from Saint Thomas More Catholic Boys High School in West Philadelphia. Ed Bradley was married to Priscilla Coolidge she was a singer. Then they got divorced in 1984. Then after that he had  married Patricia Blanchet in 2004.Ed Bradley has began his career on radio as a DJ and reporter in his native Philadelphia. He moved to New York City in 1967, Bradley worked for WCBS Radio, then made the move to television. He was an anchor on CBS on a Sunday Night News this was 1976-1978. Before joining the 60 Minutes team this is where he stayed for the remaining 26 years of his career, winning 19 Emmy Awards. Ed Bradley was  the first black journalists to make a name for himself on national television. He graduated from Cheyney State college in 1964 with a degree in teaching and taught sixth grade for three years in Philadelphia. He got a taste of his future when he moonlighted at WDAS radio, doing the odd job for little or no money.


Ed Bradley was an anchor on CBS on a Sunday Night News in 1976-1978. That was before the 60 Minutes team.He attended battlefield reporting from the Vietnam War in which he was wounded in 1973 which pushed him onto the national stage.


He was the first black journalist.Ed Bradley won 19 Emmy Awards throughout his journalism career, including one for lifetime achievement in 2003. Just one year after graduating from college, he reported on the Philadelphia riots and earned a position with a local radio station.

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