The Ridiculously Long Run-on Sentence that was 2013 in the Life of genna p

Lots of things happened. I'm sorry I can't pick just one.

2013 was an interesting year for me- to say the very least...

Now, one month into 2014 and about an hour away from the #Kudos2014 contest deadline, I'd like to share some of my greatest and most life-changing moments of the previous year. I can honestly say that I learned more, saw more and felt more in 2013 than in any of my other thirty-two years on this planet.

I am excited for the future and grateful for the past- but I am choosing to focus on RIGHT NOW because there truly is no time like the present.

So, without further adieu, I present to you: the whole shabang. (And then, in typical Genna fashion, I will completely overshare so you feel like you experienced all of these things with me because THAT'S WHAT THE INTERNET IS FOR, RIGHT?)

In 2013 I...

started to like music again (like really like it and not feel like I was listening to it wrong or was not cool enough to enjoy it), ended a relationship that I stayed in for far too long believing that it might be what I wanted (it wasn't), saw my little brother get engaged (and helped his fiance pick out her wedding dress), lost two of my beloved grandparents (which basically made everything in our family shift drastically- but also made us realize how lucky we are), watched my friends give birth to amazing mini-humans that I love like I've never loved any mini-humans before (Keelee and Jack- you guys are my sunshine), made about a bajillion new friends (when I thought I already knew everyone in this city), worked on an exciting project and traveled to Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans and a few other places (and had fun and learned a lot in every single city- SC2 Family forever), left an exciting project because I wasn't growing professionally and wasn't able to be creative or showcase my skills (and at this point in my career, I don't have time for that), felt beautiful again (thank you Re/Dress and co.), questioned my love for Cleveland (it's true- you've got to be tough) AND...


Thanks to all of the amazing people who made it possible. Xo -gp