Galapagos Tours Deliver An Adventure Of A Lifetime

With vacation time so precious for most people, planning a trip that will produce amazing memories is likely a must. When somewhere off the beaten path is desired, Galapagos Islands vacations deliver in a very big way. Although not an “ordinary” vacation destination, Galapagos tours open up a world of adventure for travelers of all ages.

Located about 560 miles west of Ecuador, this island chain was once difficult to access. Courtesy of its relatively new airport, however, travelers have a number of options for arrival. Once on Galapagos tours, visitors will find a world of excitement opened up to them courtesy of this distinct destination.

Those who embark on trips to the Galapagos will find themselvesin an ecological paradise that’s different from any other place in the world. This Pacific Ocean island formation is home to plants, fish and animals that are found nowhere else. In fact, the uniqueness of the islands’ creatures inspired Sir Charles Darwin as his theory of evolution was forming.

So, why should Galapagos tours be considered for that precious vacation time? Here are just a few reasons:

The beauty – This island chain is home to some remarkable geographical sights. Courtesy of its volcanic formation, the islands themselves and their rolling hills look like something out of a prehistoric movie. Aside from the distinct geographical formations, the Galapagos Islands are surrounded by stunning Pacific waters. That means visitors get to enjoy a paradise made of both land and sea.

The creatures – From its distinct birds to its famous Galapagos tortoises, this destination is home to some remarkable wildlife. Those interested in eco travel will find the Galapagos Islands rank as a must-see for many simply because of the creatures that call this region home.

The luxury – Galapagos Islands vacations are off the beaten path, but that doesn’t mean travelers have to give up the creature comforts to see the creatures that make this region so spectacular. Private charter boat tours deliver luxury and incredible sights both.

The memories – There’s simply no other place in the world quite like the Galapagos. Those on tours of the islands will make memories to cherish at every turn. And, when a reputable tour company is selected to lead the excursion, visitors can count on seeing sights that will astound.

Vacations are made for relaxing, unwinding and making memories that last. When only the most incredible, unique experience will do, Galapagos Islands tours are sure to please. This remote corner of the world is a place of wonder that only a handful of people ever get to experience.

About the Company:

Andando Tours are headed up by natives who know how to ensure those on Galapagos Islands tours have the time of their lives. Blending area knowledge with incredible customer service, those Galapagos Islands vacations are once in a lifetime excursions.

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