Career Research Project

Molly Lembke, Kindergarten Teacher

Necessary Job Skills




                         Reading Comprehension

Education Requirements

                    Receive a high school diploma

                     Enroll in college

                     Complete a teacher certified program

                     Advance in field

College Description

The college I researched was Illinois State University, the tuition fee 12,573 and some of the popular majors are business marketing, education and communications/journalism. The schools itself is large with very many different housing options. You can get involved in multiple activities and they have all kinda of sports. Another thing is it provides supportive services in case your ever in need of help. To get into this college you need to have 4 years of English, 2 years of foreign language, 3 years of math, 2 years of science, 2 years of social studies, and 2 academic electives.  

Words To Live By

"When the going gets tough you got to keep going and keep moving forward" My dad would always say this to me when I was younger, when I thought something was too hard. These words mean a lot to me because they helped me get through tough issues. They also mean a lot because my dad plays a huge roll in my life and has always strives for me to do my best. He has seen me at my happiest and at my worst, but when ever he says those words my attitude changes and I know I can keep going. I see it helping me in the future by getting me through bad problems and being able to help me make the correct decisions. It always reminds me life is hard, make it the best and keep going.

My Role Model

      My role model would have to be my cousin Bridget, because she has accomplished so much in her life and it just inspires me. She is a short person with brownish red hair and is a very fit strong girl. Bridget is about 6 years older than me and is in college on a scholarship for womens gymnastics. She has competed all over the world including the 2008 Olympics.

      The reason why I look up to Bridget is because she has shown me to never give up on things, to keep striving to become better. Also she has shown me that life may knock you down and bump you around a bit but if you keep going forward good things will happen. Things do not come easy so if you want something you need to keep working hard at it and each day you will improve. Lastly Bridget taught me to never give up, to keep chasing my dreams.


Quotation Sandwich

      It doesn't always have to be about the money. In the article "What It's Really Like to be an Elementary School Teacher" states that "You have to have a passion for what you teach" ( CTI Career Search 1). This is important because the article shows that to become a teacher you have to be involved with the children. You can't just do it for the money, you have to be able to take the time to teach these kids the basics for what they will need to know for school. If you go into this job thinking it's all about the money you are wrong, children need guidance and its your duty to teach them this. Being an elementary school teacher means showing these kids the ropes and making sure to take the time with individuals who don't learn as well as others do.

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